Meilleurs voeux



Dalaï, Our Dalaï, so blue Lady Dalaï!

Péma, My Péma, so positiv girl Péma!


In october I wrote down : MY Péma. But so deep Dalaï loved us, me, you, and her special ability to love all human she bumped into...that makes her as unique than universal Dalaï.

In november I have to reminisce Dalaï as OUR Dalaï.


Our Dalaï has passed the day of november the 9th.

She passed and we stand so lonely, me, you, and all humanity she took in her softly caring gaze.

No dead duck complicated veterinary historical, no lousy medical plan...

She wispered her last breath of life in her sofa, close to me, as such a natural way to go to sleep ...for ever!  Through a perfect and excellent medical follow-up since our vet in charge diagnosed

rheumatoid arthritis and soft tissue sarcoma, Dalaï, in spite to her fragil health, expressed such a sunny joie de vivre.Until the dying day of Péma! How could it be possible so deeply tied animals?Dalaï, head up into the wind, every minute, every hour you sought Péma’s glances, Péma ‘s body, Péma’s tracks...I did tear out of my broken heart the few strenghth left, a bit of hope,to hold you Dalaï... Your last wills to join Péma...and now so destitute I stand , so lonelyin front of your so respectful last breath...


Péma passed away: she was our elixir of life.

Dalaï passed away: she was our wisdom light.

Dalaï joined Péma.


2016 ...last wispers…october, november 2016!

You terrible end of year 2016...listen!

2016, you catch, you stear out my love substance...Shall I make peace with you?

2016, you must beg us “pardon”!


2016, look the last innocent games between Péma et petite Pitchoun….You kidnaped this so harmonious relation...Look the disaster! You have turned such vibrant Péma into a gost haunting me !


2016, Look the disaster! Baby Pitchoun needed Dalaï,

so funny it was to hold her tail and follow Dalaï!


Turn your gost into warm light !!Péma Péma…Help me !!

Turn your gost into wisdom !! Dalaï, Dalaï …Help me !!

Thinking is totally resistant to any interruption, as breathing is. I can, for short spells, hold my breath. But it is by no means clear that I can be thouthtless...and your gost is again and again in my spirit...such nothingness so emotionally replete! I must go through the fact: the cessation of your pulse-beats is death for you

Péma , Dalaï.

For me cessation of pulse-beat of thought is impossible.

A necessary sadness, a veil of melancholy is tied to my soul.

I am entitled to ask you, 2016...why shouldn’t you be only joy and peace ??

Neither Péma, neither Dalaï, neither I did deserve such an inescapable sadness!

So far as I am aware, my limtless thought keeps you so

I know the omnipotence of God ‘s inability to change the past!

Anyway, I state my human memory can and do perform this trick daily!

So deep into ma chair you both remain: Péma , Dalaï!

Who can tell me whether much of my organized perception is made of puerile fiction?

For how long Péma, Dalaï will you remain those so dear lightful gost?



Light over last wispers of Dalaï and Léon.

To Léonard who sings: “ You want it darker,you kill the flame, magnified,

sanctified, crucified, you want it darker” I shout as an answer:

“ I was NOOOOOOOOOOT ready Lord” !!!

Louna is missing you both, so tenderly she cleaned your ears Dalaï, and Péma


Throught your last steps, I try to reach you Dalaï!


Through your last smiles, I try to reach you Péma!



Therefor, I cannot bring to a halt, so long as I am alive: breathing and thinking.

I breath for you Péma , Dalaï! At every single instant,Péma, Dalaî,

you both inhabite my spirit. Such close relations between breath, thought and love. Even in your lost, deep into my intimacy, loving you is a miraculous grace!

Now I am waiting bursts of unchained energy, cerebral instinctive thrust, stronger than love, nearer to truth, to deal a negotiation between our solitudes :

You Péma, Dalaï in this unknown paradise, us on earth with our sorrow.




The last wispers of love with Ambre.               




Last happy days of Péma: water fun and eating fruits




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